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Health, Wellness, & Life Coaching • Group Coaching Programs • Corporate Wellness Workshops

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Do you feel like you are ready to make a healthy shift in your life but may not be sure where to start? Embarking on a healthier lifestyle can be confusing. You can choose from any of our programs, including but not limited to: personal 1:1 health & wellness coaching & training, our online Mind-Body-Spirit MasterClass, our 28-day Wellness Jumpstart Challenge, our free 7-day Transformation Workshop, or simply sign-up for a FREE Membership to join our Wellness Tribe on Social Media.

Here are some options to get started working with me.

Personal Transformational Coaching

  • Health Coaching
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Functional Training (Exercise & Movement)
  • Life Coaching

Mind-Body-Spirit MasterClass

  • 6-week online coaching & training program
  • 3-module course focused on the Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Secure online classroom/community/mastermind
  • Collaborative and interactive exercises & activities

28-Day Wellness Jumpstart Challenge

  • Online challenge focused on 4 weekly wellness strategies.
  • Delicious, nutritious recipes, shopping guide, meal & exercise planner.
  • Hosted on secure Social Media platform.
  • 50% of enrollment revenues donated to Charity:Water & Pencils of Promise.

7-Day Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation Workshop

  • FREE online video/webinar training.
  • Introduction to the Mind-Body-Spirit approach to Transformation.
  • 2 days (each) dedicated to the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • Daily video and downloadable files.

Nourished Life Design Wellness Tribe Membership

  • FREE access to private, secure social media community
  • Daily inspiration and motivation.
  • Collaborative sharing environment for recipes, nutritional approaches.
  • Latest breaking news for anything health & wellness related.

More Programs Offered by Nourished Life Design

In addition to these 5 options, please be sure to check out ALL the programs offered by Nourished Life Design:

  • The Workplace – Corporate Wellness
  • After-Out-of-School Wellness – Youth Mentoring & Healthy Families
  • Consulting – For Fitness & Wellness Facilities
  • Speaking – National Speaker focused on Holistic Wellness
  • Detox & Cleanse Programs – Sugar Detox, Seasonal Renewal Cleanse
  • Juice Club – (FREE) 365 Unique Juice Recipes Delivered Daily.
  • Wellness Supplements
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