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“Jeff has changed my life and he’s changed my family’s life. We hear a lot about generational wealth; this is generational health.”

“The juicing is just the beginning…I didn’t do it alone. Jeff did it, others did it as well. From the beginning, that support has grown.”

“Because of Jeff, I can trust again.”

“Jeff would always say, ‘You’re not doing it to lose weight, you’re doing it to get healthy and save your life.’”

“It has to be a lifestyle change, you can’t look at it as a diet.”
“The best part of working with Jeff is that no matter where you are he shows up with support and no judgment. He truly listens and seeks to understand your challenges and triumphs. He (sometimes literally) walks through the mud of life with you and takes the time to celebrate your successes all while sharing parts of himself.

Knowledge, compassion, and dedication all rolled into one person who helps you discover what is possible.”

– Barbara

“Imagine having a goal in mind that has been out of reach after many attempts to accomplish it. Then you find that one person with the knowledge, ability, and understanding to help you succeed. That person for me is Jeffrey L Jordan. Not only is he excellent in the field of nutrition and fitness, but also his ability to help my mental approach has been key to my success so far. Coach, teacher, advisor, and friend… That’s who Jeffrey L Jordan is to me.”

– Nick

“I sat down with Jeff one day to figure out why I felt I could not stay on track with food. What the conversation lead to was, at that very point, my whole world was under so much stress. I knew I needed some guidance but I was not sure in what direction. Each meeting with Jeff opened my thinking to view my world in a different perspective. Finding balance and motivation in our sessions has provided me with the knowledge of being more confident in my daily choices AND feeding all areas of my life, not just my body. Stress will always come and go but learning how to manage it is a wonderful gift.”

– Dana

“I have been a client of Jeff’s for about 10 months. Jeff and I had an immediate connection from our first meeting. In my sessions with Jeff he has taught me the tools that I needed to get through many of life’s obstacles. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically, his knowledge and amazing soul are gifts to me. I have had a lot of challenges come my way and with Jeff’s guidance, I was able to handle every single one. We are all on our own journey but with the tools I’ve learned from Jeff… all shall be well.”

– Sheri

“This is your journey and we’re running a marathon together.”

Reflecting upon my work with Nourished Life Design, I think back on this paraphrased statement Jeff made at the start of my journey… a time when frustrations were mounting for me.

On top of the challenges of raising three children while working a new job with an intense commute & subsequent little sleep… I’d been battling many personal battles that included significant conflict at home, job loss, depression and a recent unexplained significant increase in weight that weighed on my self esteem. I came to Jeff after months of intense exercise and improved nutrition without seeing any changes on the scale. Having recently been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome), an illness that had dramatically impacted how my body processes sugars and balances hormones, I had the answers to why I’d been holding onto surprise, excess weight, but I was tired and frustrated. I was ready for immediate change.

It was at this point that I absorbed some very key points… patience, self-forgiveness, self-awareness and I wasn’t alone. I was running a marathon and Jeff and my NLD friends were by my side. My journey became less and less about weight and more about becoming whole again.

We focused on the positive aspects of finding fulfillment in all aspects of life, even pushing through personal fears discovering more and more drive for self-improvement. I’ve learned to listen to my body when I feed it the right foods…as well as when I don’t. I’ve learned that for many reasons the ‘right foods’ for those around me may not be the ‘right foods’ for me… we’re all individuals inside and out, even when it comes to nutrition. I’ve noticed how I feel both mentally and physically when I keep up with my exercise regimen …and when I don’t. Most importantly, I’ve learned to take those ‘mistakes’ and turn them into lessons rather than negative, debilitating self-talk. The knowledge, patience and insight I’ve learned have manifested to a four fold increase in energy and to a loss of over 40 pounds & almost 28 inches! But, more importantly, my smile and self-confidence have returned!

Though at times it may be a struggle, I’ve learned to love this journey of mine. I’m excited to see what’ll appear around the corner in time and I cherish the friends like Jeff that’ve joined me along the way.

– Joanne

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