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“Give me 2-Weeks and I will free you from your unwanted Weight-Gain, eliminate your cravings, teach you how your body wants to eat, and lose 5, 10, 20, even up to 30 lbs. in the process. In addition to REAL weight-loss, my clients have also lost massive inches by following my supervised, moderated 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox/ Reset Cleanse.”

“Erase the unwanted 10 lbs. you just gained over the past year, or 20lbs that have crept on over the past couple of years…. And keep it off for the rest of your life. I will show you how, and walk you through everyday and every meal while providing the support you need to make sustainable changes on how you eat.”

How is this Detox proven? Let’s hear some social proof!

Let’s hear from my current and past clients who have happily agreed to share their experience with you: (Please note as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach I prescribe to the notion of bio-individuality and the fact that everyone will achieve their own results based on many factors that make us all special individual beings. In other words… results will vary)

“I lost 17 lbs. and 11 inches in 2 weeks and never felt hungry or stressed. The menu and shopping list was clear and the guidance to prepare and plan was very helpful. I suggest this plan to anyone who needs to reset, lose the nagging weight, and gain more energy. The best benefit was learning the answer why to the many questions I had along the way. The daily interaction and support is first class. Knowledge and results you can take with you. Best investment I ever made.”
“Working with Jeff, I lost 33lbs in my first 2-weeks on his Sugar Detox & Reset Cleanse. Even though I had the weight to lose at 450lbs, I never found a nutrition plan that my body responded to in such a dramatic, yet safe, way. I finally found an approach that made sense. I learned, and I lost.”
“As a diabetic I struggle to find nutrition plans that I could actually attempt. After consulting with Jeff, he suggested I bring his plan to my physician for review. After getting the thumbs up, I began my 2-Week journey with Jeff. I couldn’t believe I was eating REAL food, and a lot of it. At the end, I lost 6 lbs and 5 inches combined around my waist and thighs. But the best result was that I got my sugar levels even more under control, the natural way.”
“As a small woman I wondered what this cleanse was going to do for me. I started with a friend and was so happy when we found out how much support was provided by Jeff and his team. I was amazed that I had no cravings after the 3rd day, was not hungry at all, and could feel my clothes fitting differently after the first week. I did not feel deprived, the menu was clear and if I needed a substitutions Jeff was there to provide suggestions and the explanation why. At the end I was done 4 lbs and 6 inches, exactly where I needed them to be gone…lol”
“I lost 9lbs and 6 inches in 14 days…… What else can I say. I was shocked. I could never eliminate the bulge around my waist. By following Jeff’s plan, I clearly see how controlling my sugar intake, and as a result my insulin levels, have a dramatic impact on my midsection and thighs. The truth is in the science (approach) and the results. And to top it off I was never hungry. I feel in control now.”

My detox/cleanse programs will give you the boost you need to start feeling better right away. You’ll have more energy, better sleep, clearer thoughts, a slimmer waist, and a renewed sense of vitality. You’ll have a healthy “glow” in your skin, and people in your life will begin to wonder what you’re doing to look so young and vibrant.

2 Week Quickfit Sugar Detox/ Cleanse featuring the Abcentric Foods Menu – Learn more about our 2-week meal plan focused on abcentric foods, which promote the loss of belly fat through a strategy of removing sugar and exchanging “simple refined” carbs for nutrient-dense “super carbs”. This combination of avoiding hidden sugar with a positive carb swap will detoxify, remove hunger, and bring a balance to your hormones. Working concurrently, these two strategies can increase the chance of weight-loss as compared to other diets.

We offer our 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox all year long.

Regularly priced @ $499, we are offering our extremely effective and proven Detox & Cleanse program for $197.

Proven Results

This is how it works:

My 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox / Reset Cleanse will:

  • Provide you with a detailed 14-Day Meal-plan that will not leave you Hungry.
  • Customize your plan if you need any substitutions through a one-on-one phone session.
  • Give you access to the exclusive “Quick-Fit” Membership area where you will find videos and downloads on the science of my plan.
  • We will provide exact shopping lists and other resources to support you along the way.
  • Daily text support with all members of the Group. We share food idea’s and images of meals to keep you connected and accountable.

There is a right and a wrong way to detox. My approach uses real, nutritious food driven by mindful intentions and will not leave you starving or feeling sick like some other detox programs, method, or approaches.

Everyone needs to detox, even if you’re already healthy and fit. The amount of chemicals and toxins in our environment makes it necessary for us to detox and cleanse our bodies on a regular basis, so that our internal organs can be free to do their jobs.

The Nourished Life Design Sugar Detox/ Reset Cleanse will

  • Eliminate sugar, (and hidden sugars) from your diet, teach you the importance of controlling your insulin, explain the difference between calories and the hidden sugars that are in our foods.

  • Teach you the difference between bad, good, and the really good “Super-Carbs”.

  • Eliminate toxins while eating REAL, common foods you already enjoy. Eliminate your cravings and uncontrollable hunger.

  • Explain how this 1-2 punch of eliminating hidden sugars and exchanging good carbs for “Super-Carbs” will result in significant & safe weight-loss, more energy, less inches, more clarity, and a better understanding of what your body really wants, and needs, to eat. 

  • Teach you how to feel your best, know how to stay on course, and have the ability to get yourself back on track when you have a setback, give you a repeatable meal plan and approach that you can use up to 4 times a year.

Recent Testimonials

Let’s hear from some recent participants from our 2-Week Sugar Detox / Reset Cleanse that just completed their first 14 days last month…

“11 lbs down in 14 days! There’s no going back now!!!”
“I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt as good as I feel now as we wind down the 2-week cleanse/detox. The constant bloated feeling is gone. I’ve discovered that being aware of what foods I put in my body IS a choice I make and only I can control. I learned that I DON’T HAVE indulge in heavy carbs to feel satisfied. That, in fact, I feel more satisfied when I make healthier choices. I realized I won’t die if I don’t have that piece of cake or candy. I understand it’s okay to say no when offered something I know is not good for me. I discovered that my daughter will eat healthy IF I OFFER IT! Most importantly, I now know I have more will power than I gave myself credit for. I am VERY excited about the next step and seeing how far this will take me. I’ve been talking about getting healthy forever…. the time has come!! Thank you all, especially Jeffrey for all the support and encouragement!! Let the clean eating continue!!”
“So I just want to take a minute and thank Jeffrey L Jordan for this opportunity to “reset” myself and get back on track. I have weighed myself in day 1 and did my measurements… And although they are not HUGE numbers… There is still a great loss for me… And a gain… I have lost 5 1/2 pounds and a total of 5 inches overall… I have regained control on my eating and for that I am grateful. I love this group and the level of support here and via text is incredible… Thank you all for your continued support and I love to offer any and all support that is needed to each and everyone of you!”
“I realized that I am a chicken! I learned that I really was/am so afraid of failure that I give up on myself before it’s too late. Definitely going thru this journey with a supportive group where accountability was a major component made a huge difference. I couldn’t hide anymore. It forced me to examine why it is always so easy to stop trying. I never make it known that I’m trying to lose weight or get healthy. It’s so much easier to stop when no one knows. At the beginning of the 2 weeks I didn’t want to let the group down and disappoint you. But the better I felt eating the way I ate, I realized I didn’t want to let myself down. It was an amazing experience to know I was doing this for me!”
“11.6 lbs down and 11 1/4 total inches lost all over my body. I’m ECSTATIC!!!! Happy to have oatmeal this morning too!!! Bring on the next two weeks. Thanks for the BONUS 15 days Nourished Life Design and Jeffrey L Jordan”
“Thank you Jeff….It truly was a great 2 weeks. I feel better than i have in a long time. I do not want this to end…so i will not look at it as the end. Its truly the beginning of a new healthy clean eating lifestyle. Totally more aware of hidden sugars n now i understand how to make the best choice to feed my body. Most of all I’m thankful for all the love and support from you guys…#‎cleansefamily‬‬”
“11lbs and 11.5 inches….. I am not going to stop here… I will get completely to a healthier weight. I see the light. I learned more things about myself in 14 days than I have all my life.”

Currently, we offer our 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox/ Reset Cleanse for only $97, for the first 30 registrants each month

2 Week Quickfit Sugar Detox/ Reset Cleanse featuring the Nourished Life Design Abcentric Foods Menu
The Nourished Life Design 2-week meal plan focused on abcentric promotes the loss of abdominal fat through a strategy of removing sugar and exchanging “simple refined” carbs for nutrient-dense “super carbs”. This combination of avoiding hidden sugar, with a positive carb swap will detoxify, remove hunger, and bring a balance to your hormones. Working concurrently, these two strategies can increase the chance of weight-loss as compared to other diets.

We offer our 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox all year long with members joining each and every month of the year.

Nourished Life Design is celebrating 2015 with our clients and offering our extremely effective program at a reduced price of $97.

Each month, our 2-Week Quickfit Sugar Detox/ Reset Cleanse is offered for only $97… (For the first 30 Participants to register each month)
That’s only $97 for a Moderated and supervised REAL-FOOD Sugar Detox/Cleanse that has produced tremendous results over the last 3 years.

Register TODAY, secure your SAVINGS, and begin your SUGAR-FREE Journey before the price rises back to $199!


About Jeffrey L. Jordan

Nourished Life Design is a comprehensive Health & Nutrition Coaching & Consultative Service founded by Jeffrey L. Jordan. My unique approach to better health and improved wellness is centered on the nourishment we receive from the foods we eat and the lives we lead. My leadership and expertise is a blend of various perspectives and experiences, which combine to make my services special, balanced, complete, and full of love and soul.

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