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Health, Wellness, & Life Coaching • Group Coaching Programs • Corporate Wellness Workshops

speaking-groupThe mission of Nourished Life Design by Jeffrey L. Jordan is firmly rooted in a purpose to help individuals, families, organizations, and schools improve their quality of life.  Jeffrey L. Jordan passionately believes that embracing healthy behaviors and creating daily rituals positively impacts all areas of living, both personally and professionally. Whether speaking to small groups of students or auditoriums packed with corporate executives, Jeffrey’s gift of communication delivers an empowering combination of education, awareness, inspiration, and motivation.

Jeffrey L. Jordan is a nationally recognized health and wellness speaker and is frequently invited to present at conferences and events for audiences ranging from corporate to non-profit, on topics such as healthy living, mindset, functional fitness, corporate wellness, and wellness in schools. His highly sought-after presentations include, “Finding Wellness in your Mind-Body-Spirit”, “Integrate the Mind, Body, and Spirit and Elevate your Student’s Performance”; “The Nutrition for the Mind Workshop series for gym owners and members”; “Nutritional Empowerment for Youth”; “Feeding the Mind, Body, and Spirit”; and “Corporate Wellness from a holistic Mind, Body, Spirit perspective.”

As the CTS (Chief Transformational Specialist) and owner of Nourished Life Design, he guides the company’s commitment to supporting transformational and positive change through the development of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. To facilitate this commitment, Nourished Life Design offers personal health, nutrition, wellness, and life-coaching, an online Mind-Body-Spirit Training MasterClass, various live, and online workshops, Corporate and School Wellness programs, a Youth Mentoring Program, an online juice club, Consulting services, a full Wellness Supplement line, and this year will be launching a Podcast called “A Nourished Life: Transformational stories across the globe”.

speaking-groupPrior to developing Nourished Life Design’s mission and vision, Jeffrey L. Jordan spent 3 years contributing to the growth of a model for what would become The Max Challenge, a franchise system focused on transformational fitness. At his Max of Howell (NJ) location, Jeffrey grew membership from 19 members to approximately 500 members within 16 months while developing a facility culture that has been sought out by many in the fitness industry. After 3 years of development and growth, Mr. Jordan transitioned his franchise ownership. The franchise now has over 60 locations in 5 states and continues to grow.

Prior to his transformational work, Jeffrey was a partner in a nutritional brand development and distribution organization that created over 25 brands and designed over 100 products over a 7-year period. With over $50 million in revenues over that period, a network of several Internet based, private labeling companies were formed and continue to operate to this day. Jeffrey also formed a non-profit called the GoodWorx Foundation. GoodWorx created mentoring and life-skills programs for children and young adults from 2005 to 2011 and partnered with the NJ Board of Education (Sayreville) and formed what might have been the first dedicated mentoring program for after-school focused on life-skills. The success of the program led to funding by the Division of Children & Family Services and the United Way. In 2011, Nourished Life Design was founded on the same holistic principles as GoodWorx, and seeks to empower it’s clients to live to their fullest potential, Mind-Body-Spirit.


About Jeffrey L. Jordan

Jeffrey L. Jordan holds a certification as a Health & Wellness Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in business with an emphasis in management from New Jersey City University. He is dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier through efficient exercise, proper nutrition, emotional and stress management, adequate sleep, and supplements that include only the things in life that truly “supplement” a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. In constant pursuit of ways to enhance and build on his knowledge of health, wellness, and education, Jeffrey began his Master’s studies in secondary education from the University of Phoenix.

As a Speaker

Jeffrey is a seasoned motivator and health & wellness speaker, and a gifted communicator with a rich history of working with individuals, families, and corporations.  He regularly presents keynotes and breakouts at conferences and events of varying size nationwide. He is also an expert in presenting a holistic approach to Corporate Wellness programs for companies and groups including schools, non-profits, professional associations and other organizations. His expertise includes a wide variety of health and wellness related topics, especially transformations involving the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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Hear what some Conference and Workshop attendees had to say…

“It was amazing. The peace, the spirit, the message was unbelievable. This will help me a lot with my students in these 3 important areas (Mind, Body, Spirit).”
“Very useful. Great take-aways for staff.”
“Wonderful energizing session. Thank you for bringing Jeffrey here.”
“Jeffrey should definitely present this Mind, Body, Spirit approach to student development (topic) in a full session next year. Please bring him back.”


Jeffrey’s mission during a keynote or breakout is to increase the level of awareness regarding the critical need for individuals to address their personal issues, over a wide array of areas, which affect their overall wellness and life satisfaction. The majority of our health is a function of lifestyle and the choices that we make on a daily basis affect us not only personally, but professionally as well. He helps your audience understand the vital importance of proactively looking at the many aspects that makeup our lives (Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Career, Finances, Relationships, Spirituality, etc.), addressing these daily choices, and provides specific steps on how to make sustainable change. His message of Nutritional Empowerment has motivated and inspired audiences of all sizes to look at ALL aspects their own personal Wellness. It is simply not enough to focus on one aspect of your health at a time. Integrating a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to health and wellness has proven to be the most comprehensive, and effective, way to achieve a truly healthy lifestyle. Jeffrey has is unique appeal and relate-ability to many audiences ranging from youth to seniors, as well as employees, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Wellness

Corporations can no longer afford to ignore the biggest asset within their organizations; their HUMAN resource. Employee productivity, along with the rapidly rising cost of healthcare, has made the focus on a happy and healthy employee all the more important. Jeffrey L. Jordan believes that old-school corporate wellness programs are doomed to continue to be largely ineffective, if they don’t first become more concerned about the employee as a whole. Considering only one aspect of the employee’s life will not begin to make a difference in the productivity, expense, and retention of that employee, not to mention the company’s bottom line. Jeffrey spends time with his corporate partners to understand the holistic approach to Wellness, and a program that builds and supports the Mind (Mindfulness & Mindset), Body (Nutrition & Exercise), and Spirit (Connection/Teamwork) of each employee. For corporations and small business owners, this message of supporting a Mind, Body, & Spirit approach continues to foster a mindset shift on how the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being WILL produce a happier, healthier, more engaged, more connected, more present, and more productive employee… and a healthier bottom-line for their business.

School Wellness

“If you integrate the Mind, Body, and Spirit of the child, you will elevate your student’s performance.” – Jeffrey L. Jordan. In today’s performance driven society, specialization has become a focus for parents. Standardized testing and benchmarks have put pressure on teachers and administrators to be results driven, and the comprehensive development of the child has suffered. First with his work with GoodWorx, Jeffrey and his team developed a full curriculum focused on life-skills and human development. More recently, in his current work with Nourished Life Design, he has created empowering enrichment content focused on the holistic development of children and young adults. Jeffrey L. Jordan has now been able to offer his life’s work and belief that it truly takes a village to raise well rounded, socially capable, confident, and empathetic young people, while also supporting the teachers and parents who are on the front lines. Jeffrey continues to speak across the country to educators about Nutritional Empowerment of students through a Mind, Body, Spirit approach, and designs content to not only support the development of youth, but support teachers, staff, and administrators better understand their role in holistically supporting a child.

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