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Health, Wellness, & Life Coaching • Group Coaching Programs • Corporate Wellness Workshops

podcastingJeffrey is a certified Health, Wellness, & Life Coach, who specializes in Holistic Transformations . After establishing his non-profit organization (The GoodWorx Foundation) focused on mentoring and life-skills programming for children and young adults in 2005, Jeffrey developed a holistic health and wellness practice (Nourished Life Design) in 2011 for people of all ages in an effort to improve the health and happiness of others around the world. With holistic programming available for individuals, families, corporations, and schools, Nourished Life Design has a mission founded with a deep purpose and commitment to inspiring a healthy lifestyle centered in service, motivation, and inspiration to others.

The goal of the “A Nourished Life… Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformational Tales of Inspiration from Across the World” Podcast is to share inspiring stories from the most inspirational and relatable people on the planet; to help you find out what makes everyday people overcome all types of adversity, and how you can harness the same type of power in your life.

“A Nourished Life…” is set to air this Fall.

Stay tuned for launch updates, future guests, and a behind the scenes look at how our stories made the production schedule.