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Holistic Enrichment for School & Expanded Learning Student Development

Nutritional Empowerment:

Integrating the Mind, Body, & Spirit to Elevate Student Performance

WHY: During the school day students are tasked with hours of academic rigor, they are focusing on results-driven content, their minds are over stimulated by technology, they eat nutrient-deprived lunches (or skip important meals), they participate in little or no physical movement and there is less and less time for creative expression. By the time they arrive to the expanded learning program students are: functioning on high stress levels; unable to sustain their focus; socially and emotionally disconnected; under-stimulated and hyped up on poor food choices. All of these factors cause low energy and irritable or even volatile behavior.

WHAT: Nutritional Empowerment Enrichment is a holistic approach to creating a well-rounded student. By developing the mind, strengthening the body (nutrition and exercise), and fueling the spirit of each child, the student will increase their awareness, connection, and commitment to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of development and growth.

HOW: Integrating the Mind, Body, & Spirit approach into the holistic development of today’s youth during expanded learning hours has a variety of well documented and researched impacts.

Students will build necessary life skills in the following areas:

  • Managing stress
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improved attention span in academic classes, sports, and arts
  • Develop stronger sense of self and groundedness
  • All resulting in increased school attendance

When participating in the Nutritional Empowerment Enrichment model, students become more secure, more self-aware and more empathetic. They will become positive contributors to their communities and develop a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in.

A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

Nourished Life Design’s Mind-Body-Spirit mentoring and coaching approach is uniquely designed for your school, or expanded learning program to support existing initiatives, supplement current programming, and create new opportunities and content to serve your students.

Jeffrey L. Jordan has blended his past successes of impacting thousands of students while running The GoodWorx Foundation, (a non-profit focused on mentoring and building life-skills) with his current Mind-Body-Spirit philosophy to holistic health and wellness (Nourished Life Design).

This proven and specialized approach to educational communities improves mindfulness, concentration, and focus in the classroom. It reduces academic stress, increases awareness around healthy food choices and physical activity, decreases bullying issues, opens student-driven dialogue and improves student-teacher relationships. Furthermore, the approach focuses on integrating the mind, body, spirit work, character education and building lasting social emotional skills leading to the practical application of 21st century skills — successfully preparing young people for college and career opportunities.

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For Teachers/Staff

  • Gain deeper understanding of their role in youth development.
  • Learn more techniques on how to approach holistic wellness with colleagues and students.
  • Build classroom culture, improve classroom environment.

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For Admin

  • Creates positive school and program culture.
  • Builds richer communication between students, staff, and parents.
  • Increases productivity, lessens sick days, improves morale.

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For Students

  • More empowerment and confidence.
  • Improved performance.
  • Increased awareness and communication.

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For more information on how our Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Enrichment Program can help your school, staff, and students, contact us here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Kids and Family Wellness Programs

Children & Young Adults

  • Nutrition education
  • Functional Personal training (Cross-Training focused on variation- NON-sport specific)
  • Mentoring & Life Skills

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  • Health, Nutrition, & Wellness Coaching
  • Kitchen & Pantry Assessments, Shopping Guides, Meal Planning
  • Interactive Cooking Classes, Smoothie Demos

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Are you struggling with time and patience when trying to cook and feed your family? Would you like to prepare more nutritious foods that your kids will actually eat? For more information on how our Kids and Family Wellness Programs can provide the support and direction your family needs, contact us here  to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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