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corporate-workshopsOur goal and mission is to maximize/increase employee performance, satisfaction, and retention by providing a creatively comprehensive designed strategy for Corporate Wellness. Our Program strategies compliment and build your company’s culture, energy, and overall productivity. Through our topical knowledge and authentic care about health and wellness, we will provide resources to help your company add value to your employees lives, and in return grow your business. – Jeffrey L. Jordan

Jeffrey L Jordan has developed a unique approach to delivering Corporate Workshops under the Nourished Life Design Brand.

Inspired by his Signature Mind-Body-Spirit MasterClass Program, Jeffrey L Jordan has developed a 12 week Corporate Workshop focusing on 3 modules; the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This creative approach to corporate wellness focuses on the Nourished Life Design philosophy of the 3 pillars of Transformation. These 3 pillars, Mind, Body, and Spirit, are essential to positive, practical, and sustainable change. By focusing on each pillar, your employees will experience breakthroughs in their mental approach (to their work and productivity), physical nature (via their commitment to better nutrition and exercise), and emotional well-being (through a understanding of how to make positive, lasting change).

We all know a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee, which in turn makes for better teamwork, a more connected work environment, better productivity, and an unlimited source of potential.

The Mind, Body, Spirit Corporate Wellness Workshop in a 90-Day journey of awareness, self-improvement, better health, and improved overall happiness for your employees.

Hear what Corporate Executives have to say…

“We highly recommend Jeff’s Corporate Wellness program based upon the principal of “Mind, Body and Spirit”. It provided our employees the necessary foundation and tools to becoming healthier. Once the mindset was achieved, we were able to move on to clean eating, fitness and a healthy lifestyle to continue the journey!” – Boynton & Boynton

“I asked Jeffrey and Nourished Life Design to come to our Academy to help all of my educational team become more focused on a healthy mind, body and spirit. My educational team’s expectation was a diet (which we had seen from previous Corp. Wellness Workshops) and to most would be considered the proper tools to a healthier way of life. But Jeff introduced facing each day with the right intention. It was a complete eye opener for most of us. The team was more focused and became more what a team is about. The last few weeks were about nutrition and how to feed your mind and spirit, as well as your body. Jeff even cooked for us. I would recommend Jeff’s expertise to anyone, personally and professionally”. – D. Hernandez, Educational Director, The Salon Professional Academy

“Proven Results”

  • 75% reported increased morale at work
  • 58% reported increased productivity
  • 50% reported increased punctuality
  • 50% reported fewer sick days
  • and 100% of ALL participants reported a positive outlook on their employer for offering the Corporate Wellness Workshop Program

Hear what some employees who have completed our program have to say…

After completing the 90 Day NLD Wellness Workshop participants report that…

“I’ve come to understand that there is a very strong connection between the Mind and Body. Thoughts can affect body wellness. When I find myself more positive, eating better, and moving, I believe I am better at work and a better workmate/teammate.”
“At the end of this Workshop I can honestly say I am more aware, have more of an understanding of how to start leading a more healthy life and make better choices. I feel the healthier I am the more effective I am at work.”
“This Workshop has further made me realize that life is short. I want to be happy, positive, forgiving, caring, and appreciative…. In general and at work.”
“One of the most important lessons I learned throughout this Workshop is how little things (improvements) can change for the positive, slowly making changes to my eating, thoughts, and daily exercise are better instead of rushing and failing.”
“My Mindset has improved, I realize that a positive attitude is key. I try to think more positive thoughts as I commute to work. The topic of daily intentions has been very beneficial.”
“Since this Workshop I try even harder to see the upside of what could be perceived as a negative event/situation.”

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