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8 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

It’s important to take the time to reflect on who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. Without getting to know yourself it will be difficult to live your best life. Take some time out of your busy, modern life to spend some quality time getting to know who you truly are! Use the questions below to guide you:   […]

5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is delicious spice that can be used in so many different ways, but did you know it has some awesome health benefits too?  There are two types of cinnamon, Ceylon and Cassia. Cassia is the more common type, generally found in the grocery store. Ceylon, also known as “true cinnamon” can be a little harder to spot, but is much more beneficial to your […]

Steps to Take Control of Your Health

Get in the right Mindset: Decide that you are in control and have to power to take control. Know that you are worth the time and effort that it takes to live a happy and healthy life. Have a Plan and Make Goals: Know what you want and how you are going to get there. If you have specific goals and actions plans on how […]

4 Ways to Eat More Vegetables!

We could all use a little extra nutrition that can only be found in crunchy, fresh, delicious vegetables. Here are 4 Easy Ways to make sure that you are getting plenty of nutritious goodness from fresh veggies: 1. On the weekend, pre-cut and wash vegetables to eat during the week. Store them in air tight, bulk or individuals containers. Once they are cut and prepared, […]

5 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You

We all know that too much refined sugar is harmful to your health. But, aside from unwanted weight gain, diabetes and cavities, what exactly is too much sugar doing to your body? There are countless reasons why sugar is harmful to our health, here are just a few:  1. Sugar Has No Nutritional Value-When you consume sugar, you are not providing your body with any […]