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Your Health-Nutrition-Wellness-Life Coaching Program is Open for Enrollment!

Nourished Life Design by Jeffrey L. Jordan: Your Health-Nutrition-Wellness-Life Coaching Program is Here! Let’s get right down to it. Have you ever wondered how people truly transform? Have you ever caught yourself looking at others and wondered, "How did they lost the weight, keep it off and in some cases reverse illnesses? As human beings it’s almost impossible not to care — even a little [...]

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Using a Coach: The Final Ingredient?

So you’re ready to start this transformation process! You’ve got your mind set to positive and your support team all ready in place. You've laid out your workout clothes and have your new tennis shoes ready for your first workout.

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Support: Do You Have a Strong Support System in Place?

Whenever you’re starting ANYTHING new that you’ve never done before it is so beneficial when you have a STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM. Want to jump into a new career? Start a new dating relationship? Perhaps purchase a home? Or the very common one – Begin exercising and eating healthier? In all cases, your success depends on this strong support system to help guide you if or [...]

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Getting Started: Commitment for Change

I’ve got a CRAZY question for you… How often do you start a new book, a new workout regiment, a new hobby or a new "diet"? And how often do you start something but never finish? Or you start and maybe commit for a few months, going strong, only to gradually slow down or quit when life got in the way? What I'm getting at [...]

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