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About the Juice Club

juicer“2pm is simply a state of mind but this Juice Club is for real!!!”

Juicing is a fun and exciting way to blend highly nutritious fruits, vegetables, and roots capturing all the valuable vitamins and minerals in one delicious drink. Juicing cleanses the body and provides a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking in the traditional modern diet. Juicing heals, prevents illness and disease, and is a very simple way to start a healthier lifestyle.

Making positive changes is one thing, keeping up with those positive habits is quite another. Our daily NLD 2pm Juice Club provides custom designed juice recipes and ongoing motivation in the form of inspiring emails to keep you going.

The concept of our 2pm Juice Club was developed over a summer where a group of my friends and I began running at various times of the afternoon. We always cooled down after the run with a freshly juice made in my kitchen. Even when we didn’t run, we would congregate and design a juice with fresh fruits and vegetables just purchased at the farmers market. We did our research and through trial and error, developed 365 different recipes, which we named. Each juice had an intention and purpose and we decided on the most appropriate moniker as we slowly sipped the juice.

juicesWe included many friends and neighbors along the way who would pop in at various times of the afternoon. After a year, it always seemed that “Our time” was on or near the 2pm hour. We looked forward to 2pm at all hours of the day. 2pm became our healthy state of mind. Our families began to Juice, our children, and many people enjoyed our recipes via Facebook and other social media. We were asked to share our designs and we are extremely happy to announce the formation of our “Nourished Life Design 2pm Juice Club”.


Juice Club Membership

In this daily membership, I will provide:

  • A Juice Recipe of the day
  • The intention and purpose of the Juice
  • Ingredients and Preparation directions
  • A refreshing image of the Juice
  • A daily Inspiration message
  • A personal note from me
  • Information on the history and practice of Juicing
  • Nourished Life Design by Jeffrey L Jordan Program information and special offers.

For less than $3 a week, our Nourished Life Design 2pm Juice Club will guide you into the healthy world of juicing and provide a healthy influence to a truly healthy lifestyle. We will keep you on track and motivate you 365 days of the year. Benefits also include membership to our secret Facebook Group and Nourished Life Design client social support group.

What are you waiting for??? Our special introductory membership is currently priced at $9.99 a month. Become a “Charter” member at this special introductory price and get the all benefits listed above. The wait is over…

Your 2pm Juice Club is HERE!

Nourished Life 2pm Juice Club, only $9.99 a month!

nld_juiceclubnewsletter-smallJoin today and embark on your healthy lifestyle journey with the joy of juicing. Juicing is a great way to jump start a healthy lifestyle and immediately improve your nutrient intake. I am here to help you take that first step.

As my gift to you, when you join, your first week’s of juice recipes are on me. You will get a free 1 week experience as a NLD 2 pm Juice Club member and join our healthy community and become empowered to:

Be Inspired- Keep Moving- Eat Right- Stay Motivated.

Join Here and get your 1 week Free Charter Membership
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