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Get your “Transformation Blueprint” by entering your name and email to the right. In this complimentary Special Report I will share everything I learned (without the pain) about true transformation and why change and growth are tied into 3 important, simple, yet inseparable pillars. And within these pillars, I will reveal some secrets and outline 4 steps to implement in order to achieve a breakthrough, and ultimately a break out. Get your FREE report here and prepare for your transformation journey TODAY!

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Get your complimentary
Transformation Blueprint Now!

blueprint-mediumYour “Transformation Blueprint” will show you why positive, healthy, practical, and sustainable change is anchored by 3 Pillars: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

And how the key to your breakthrough is found by taking 4 important, necessary steps along the way. You will learn the magic of:

  • Shifting
  • Developing
  • Understanding
  • And Committing to a completely new mindset, and ultimately Committing to the next ideal happy and healthy version of yourself.

Get your complimentary
“Transformation Blueprint” Now!!!

Hear from Rom, Kathy & Chris on what Nourished Life Design and the Jeffrey L. Jordan experience has meant to them!

“Jeff has changed my life and he’s changed my family’s life. We hear a lot about generational wealth; this is generational health.”
“Because of Jeff, I can trust again.”
“Jeff would always say, ‘You’re not doing it to lose weight, you’re doing it to get healthy and save your life.’”